Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Happy Diwali

Friends wish you all

Diwali, the  Festival of Lights is favorite among kids because they get a chance to light fire crackers.

My kids  have grown up and no more lighting crackers as they are aware of air and noise pollution.

But, the sky is lit with fire crackers of various colors and shapes.

And to top it all homemade sweets for Deepavali.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Thread Garden, Ooty

Thread Garden at Ooty is located by the side of North Lake Road, opposite the Boat House.  This beautiful garden is created by Anthony Josheph with the help of 50  skillful and proficient craftsman. This garden is a first of this type that is so colorful and lovely.

It exhibits some of the most magnificent and exquisite collection of artificial flowers and plants. 

To create this wonder one has not used a stitch of a needle or any other machinery. Stiff cardboards are used for flowers and petals, steel and copper wires are used for stem. Along with this they generously used variety of colorful threads to create these visual delights. 

More than 400 different shades and plain natural colored embroidery threads have been used to create artificially made flowers that remain fresh for a long long time.

It has wonderful display of flowers, plants and lawns fabricated entirely from thread, canvas and wire. They look very natural and fresh forever.